How to boost your business in COVID-19?

How to boost your business in COVID-19?

Coronavirus or COVID-19, has affected the whole world majorly. Whether if one is having a small or large business, jobs, farmers, poor people or with household essential items and work. Everyone is now staying at home and protecting themselves, and of course, this is the only last option left with everyone. Luckily, some of the businesses can be done from home, therefore, many of the employees are doing work from home. In this post we will know how to boost your business in Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Features for boost your business in COVID-19

According to a survey by Web Design Agency in INDIA about how coronavirus is affecting my business, and how to be ready for it, many of the people concluded and agreed on some of the points below. We have collected those important points for you so that you could be ready to fight against COVID-19 crisis.

1. Update or redesign your website:

As the whole world is facing COVID-19 crisis. The work you will get is limited now. Hence, you can design or redesign your website with Web Design Services. Their expert team is tremendous in this field. One can use several plugins, real images and videos, add some interesting facts about your company, add all the essential pieces of information and extensions to your website to give a realistic look with a unique touch.

2. Make your Website SEO friendly:

SEO friendly websites make your website more searchable by engines like Google and Yahoo. Right now most of the people are having enough time for searching for a perfect company to work with. The WordPress development company offers ways for business owners to optimize their site in the easiest ways possible. Have a look at the free Yoast SEO plugin, which will help you improve your content ranks.

3. SEO & Social Media Marketing:

Another best way to promote your business in this tough crisis is to social media marketing! One can do marketing of their business through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Everyone is nowadays on social media and this makes easy to you for the promotions. Tell them you are still working in this tough phase by staying home and your company/ business is providing all the vital services on time. You can share your number and email id in the post. Also, add some pictures including you and your laptop with a good view to make them believe as some services/posts are fake.

4. Send Proposal:

Who doesn’t love offers or discounts? Well to come out from this phase, one has to give some interesting offers to their clients to attract them! You can give 10-30% discounts on the rates you charge. Also, you can give a free service with a paid one service. This will give you customers and if your work is truly good, you will be appreciated. And next time, the same client/customer won’t wait for any offer and directly give you the project!

5. Emails to clients:

Your client doesn’t know whether you are still there in the business as the whole world is affected with COVID-19. Therefore, WordPress development company suggests you send them an email asking about their health and safety and letting them know that you are still there in the business. Inform them about your services which are available and if you have added any new also. Also, tell them about the offers you have recently added to your services.


Coronavirus is going to be huge in nearby days. As one can see how it affecting every little thing in the world. One must have to be prepared with everything as in upcoming days there could be shutdown. Therefore, to save your business, try to keep in touch with your customers, update valuable information at your website to make them know that you are still available with services.

If something goes wrong, feel free to connect, but I can’t guarantee a speedy reply. You can contact me directly and I can try and give some additional direction. If you want to your business website based on these terms or you want a custom WordPress based website then you can connect with Ray Software Solution team.

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