Does your business need a responsive website or a native mobile application? Deciding which one is the best match for your business depends on your goal. It is about whether you need your own business app or a mobile-friendly website is enough in terms of revenue generation. With Internet access available on a myriad of devices, from desktops, tablets to smartwatches, it has become imperative for your business to have a mobile presence. This article will guide you in how to make the right choice in the evolving mobile universe.

  • Understand one size doesn’t fit all: Forget about all buzzwords and focus on the actual needs of your business. What type of business you own largely influence which platform you should choose. If you have a small business with a regular website but low web traffic, then getting your website responsively designed will serve your purpose.
  • What’s your target audience: Know who’s your audience. The accurate identification of your target audience is essential for determining whether you’ll benefit most from an adaptive website or a native mobile app. You can even seek feedback directly from your customers whether they would prefer a mobile app or mobile-friendly website.

According to statists claims, that 52.5 % of all website traffic worldwide in 2018 is generated through mobile phones.

2018 Graph - Screenshot
  • Maintenance and cost factors: It is important to consider the impact of each of these options on your budget and bottom line. If cost factors are to be considered, then responsive web design is the most cost-efficient option. You invest in one website, one set of code and one SEO strategy. But, for instance, if you own a financial service business and have a large number of mobile visitors, getting your mobile application developed by a reliable company is preferable, considering the long-term ROI projections.

Consider these factors and your business needs carefully before investing in either designing a responsive website or developing a mobile application. Make a mindful decision so that you don’t miss out a huge potential audience!

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