How to start your digital marketing company in 2022

How to start your digital marketing company in 2022

As every business around the globe is building its presence in the online world. Due to that competition between different businesses has increased. To achieve success over their competitors they are hiring Digital Marketers to grow their business through the internet. So Digital Marketing Business is booming. But, starting a Digital Marketing Company might need a lot of investment and high risk.

Our Ways to start your Digital marketing Company in 2022 blog will help you get all the knowledge you need to grow your business. So let’s get started.


You must build credibility for your brand by providing quality products and services. 


You must have a quality of products in your portfolio so that your potential customers can see the list of portfolio.

Low Cost:

The running cost of a digital marketing company is much lesser than a typical business.  

Return Over Investment:

Digital Marketing Agency has high ROI as the services provided such as SEO, SMO, etc. are low cost and the profit margin is high.  


You have the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world and give your services to anyone across the world. 

Work from home:

You have the flexibility to work from home which is one of the essential requirements in 2022. 

Free Trial:

You can give a free trial of your product so that your customers know what they will get after buying the product. 


For promoting your company and its services you have to run an advertisement campaign to raise awareness about 


You must know how to present your work and services. Presentation is the key to better conversion. 

Success Story:

Testimonial & success stories are essential in building trust among your customers. 


You must provide technical as well as non-technical support to your customers for better customer-business Relations.


You can provide your services and product to any customer all over the world. 

High margins:

Digital marketing companies have high profit margins as services like SEO & SMO are low-cost services with higher profit margins. 

Now you have the idea of ways to start a Digital Marketing Company in 2022.

Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions you can connect with us using contact us page

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the contact us page or visit site:
or You can also contact us at +91 9718729864 or can mail us at [email protected]

How to migrate WordPress website from localhost to live site

How to migrate WordPress website from localhost to live site

Moving WordPress from Localhost to Live site in easy two ways 

Migrating a WordPress website from localhost to live hosting or server or another site is a necessary step every developer or designer should learn about it, remember when I was a Junior I thought that Migrating the site from My localhost to the live server is something Hard to do, but after getting an experience in WordPress I realized that Migrating your website is something easy and it’s one of the most things which you should know because it’s an important step to learn and make sure that you will need to do it a lot 

1- Migrating WordPress using a plugin 

After testing and using a lot of Plugins I can tell you that “ All in one WP migration ” is almost the best plugin to move your Website from a server or localhost to another live server this in the case of a Small website (less than 512MB), if your site is more than 512MB you gonna need to buy an add-on or you will have to use the second Way, if you asked me about the Add-ons for All in one WP migration I will tell you that I see it’s unaffordable it’s around 100-200$ but you can do a lot of other useful things using the 100-220$.

How to use All in one WP migration?

First thing first you need to install WordPress on the domain or the server which you want, then you need to install the plugin on Both sites (the one which you want to migrate & the new site which is empty WordPress installation or Existing WordPress site)
After installing & activating the plugin like the screenshot below click on Export 

When you get into the Export page, click on export & choose File from the drop-down 

It’s gonna load for a while and it’s gonna be longer if the site is bigger, then will show you Download SITENAME like the screenshots below 

Now you will need to import the plugin from your device on the site which exists on the server or the domain which you want,

How to Import the site using All in one WP migration?

In the beginning, you need to install the plugin as I said at the top, 
then from the sidebar menu click on import instead of export and gonna see the screen like the image below, Click on import from & choose file & then choose the file which you get from the Export step which its extension is .WPRESS  

It will start Uploading the file, and when it’s done, it will ask you for your confirmation like the screenshot below

Note that when you click on Proceed all the files & database of site will be gone & will be replaced with the files of the site which you exported & you will login using the same username & password of the exported site 

When the importing is done successfully you will see this message

2- How to migrate WordPress manually?

In migrating WordPress Manually the idea is that you copy the database & copy the files and upload them to the FTP & PHPMyAdmin & then you gonna need to update the Domain & the URLs to the new domain which you got, but in updating the URLs it’s gonna take two steps to get this done as I am gonna do in the steps below 

The steps are 

  1. Compress the files of the site from your device
  2. Upload the compressed file to the directory of the new site using FTP or the file manager
  3. Now go to PHPMyAdmin in your device (Localhost) then export the Database
  4. Import the database in the PHPMyAdmin of the server
  5. Update the Site URL to the correct domain
  6. Update all links of the site using Better search replace

1- Compress the files of the site from your device

2- Upload the compressed file to the server & update wp-config.php

Here I am going to use File Manager from Cpanel 

Then uncompress the file & you gonna need to update the wp-config.php file to avoid the “Establishing a Database Connection”, you will need to update the Database name & Username & password of the user which has Privileges to the database (SQL user) like the screenshot below 

3- Export the database from the Localhost

from your PHPMyAdmin open the database that belongs to your website them click on Export, then click go & after getting the database_name.sql file you need to compress it into ZIP and rename it to be database_name.sql in ZIP format, Now your database is ready to be imported 

4- Import the database from the PHPMyAdmin on the server 

After few minutes of loading you will see the success message 

Note: If you got an unfamiliar error while the importing process please make sure that you are using a similar SQL version

Now you need to update the website link from wp_options, double click on these two columns and add correct domain name instead of the localhost link 

Now you have to install Better search replace plugin to update the links & the broken assets 

then you have to search for the localhost link & update it with the new domain name like the image below

then click on Run Search 

That’s all, if you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions you can connect with us using contact us page

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the contact us page or visit site:
or You can also contact us at +91 9718729864 or can mail us at [email protected]

How to use jQuery in your WordPress website

How to use jQuery in your WordPress website


Welcome to our blog, I am going to show you 3 different ways to use jQuery in your website, 

  1. What is jQuery?
  2. How to check if your theme supports jQuery?
  3. First way: using functions.php (backend)
  4. Second way: using page builder such as Elementor or WPBakery 
  5. Last way: using Plugin

What is jQuery?

The answer is: jQuery is one of the most public Javascript Libraries for websites & WordPress really depends on jQuery for the client-side especially in the dashboard & you can define the jQuery code by using jQuery class or using $ function like 

    $(".CSS-Selector").eventFunction(() => {
        //Do something 

How to check if your theme supports jQuery?

you will need to make sure that your website already contains the jQuery files, this will be by using Developer tools (Inspect element) and check the console for this text “JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed” or you can use any of these ways and make sure to not get an error says “jQuery is undefined” or “jQuery is not a function”, and this error will be shown in the console log 

You can view the console log by clicking on F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I , and for mac users using Command + Shift + I or right click on mouse then inspect element in any OS 

you can add jQuery by using this code into the functions.php 

wp_register_script('jquery', '', false, '3.6.0'); 

1- Using functions.php 

You can use jQuery by adding a simple Hook to your template, this Hook is called “wp_footer”, all you need to do is opening your functions.php file and scroll to the last line and add this code 

    add_action('wp_footer', function(){
                jQuery(document).ready(($) => {
                    //Here you can write your code like 
                    //console.log('Hello from jQuery');

Note : Do not use ‘wp_head’, because it will be added before the script which contains the jQuery install link

2-page builder

In all page builders, you will find always an HTML element, this HTML element you can add a javascript tag to it, but this way will not cover the entire site just the page which contains the element if you are looking to add global code you can use the first way or the next way 🙂

Exactly like this image then add the following code inside it 

    jQuery(document).ready(($) => {
        //Here you can write your code like 
        console.log('Hello from jQuery');

then check your console log, and you will find the output  “Hello from jQuery

3-by adding a custom plugin 

There are several plugins that can provide you the same service, we prefer to use Simple Custom CSS and JS it’s amazing plugin will make you manage to add HTML or CSS & JS codes to your website and you will be able to choose where do you want to add your code (in the site or the dashboard) and the position of the code into your page like header or footer, we always recommend to add the JS code to the footer to avoid any installation error

That’s all for today, Thank you for reading the article if you have any issues or questions let me know below in the comments and I will answer you or you can write a discussion and I will provide help to figure out your issue.

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the contact us page or visit site:
or You can also contact us at +91 9718729864 or can mail us at [email protected]

How to duplicate or clone wordpress Page or Post ?

How to duplicate or clone wordpress Page or Post ?

Clone or duplicate WordPress page?

Duplicate or Copy WordPress page is too easy there are two different ways you can use to achieve this.

Using Duplicate page plugin

All you need to do is just installing this WordPress plugin into your dashboard “Duplicate page” when you activate the plugin you will see that there is a new option below the page title in the All pages which ways “Duplicate this” when you click on it, the page will appear like PageName – Draft  all you need to do is updating the status of the page to be published instead of draft 

Using page builder Shortcodes 

If you are using a page builder similar to WPBakery or Visual Composer you will be able to see a button below the input of the page title called Classic Editor you can click on it then click Text, now you can copy this code and add it to any other page in the same way (Classic Mode then click on text then click update or go back to the Backend or Frontend mode ).

How to duplicate WordPress posts? 

If you used the same way above to duplicate pages you will be able to duplicate or clone the posts in the same way above Exactly, or you can use another plugin called “Duplicate post” and it’s gonna work in the same way above,
Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions you can connect with us using contact us page

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the contact us page or visit site:
or You can also contact us at +91 9718729864 or can mail us at [email protected]

How to increase your WordPress website speed

How to increase your WordPress website speed

How to Resolve WordPress Speed Issue 🙁 

All web designers or developers know that WordPress website has the issue of the speed and wonder about the solution of this issue if you make some searches before you will read about Autoptimize , WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Asset CleanUp, Perfmatters, WP-Optimize& WP Rocket and a lot of other plugins which people say it’s gonna make your website faster or better, from my opinion most of the freeways gonna provide you a slight improvement which not much effective, and for me as a Web developer I had made a lot of researches and finally I found an amazing solution which can make you forget about speed issues anymore, this way is working with any type of page builders & themes but also we need to give you a warning that you need to take Database BACKUP before you start.

How to speed up your WordPress website? 

The answer came in one word “” …. yes, NitroPack is the most effective and clean way which make you able to improve your website speed, 

How to use and install the Nitropack plugin?

All you need to do is just opening their website and click on get started from the menu

They provide a free plan which gives you 1GB of CDN bandwidth for one website ONLY and 5000 page views & their plugin to install it on your site 

as you see in the screenshot above they have 4 plans & the prices of paid plans start from 17.5$ to 146.67$ per month and the free plan which we are talking about and I had tried the paid plans they are amazing the site which I installed the paid Nitropack on it,  got a score of 100 on Desktop & 100 on Mobile (Custom theme with ACF) 

You gonna click on the plan which you want, then fill the form and click the form submit button

then it will take you to the place order page 
as you see the plan is totally FREE

Click place my order & you will be redirected to your dashboard, now you need to connect your website with the Nitropack dashboard using their plugin.

How to connect Nitropack to your WordPress website?

before you start you need to disable any cache or optimization plugin in your site, 
Now you need to download their plugin from here then go to install plugins from your dashboard like “” then choose the plugin file and click install now like the image below

After this step & the plugin installed successfully, active the plugin and from settings click on Nitropack

Now Click on Connect to Nitropack & login through the window which gonna open 

Now you will be able to see the details of your plan and you will find a little text tells you if the pages still in processing or they are done also there is a slide input to control the optimization mode I prefer to set it to Strong and in the settings make sure that HTML Compression is on & if you like to make your website always optimized & has scheduled new optimizations check the Cache Warmup & Safe mode will make your plugin works on the isolated environment so it prevents the conflict with other plugins

If you made any updates to the site and still cannot see them you can Click on Purge Cache so you can reload the style & js files and also click CTRL + Shift + R

Also, you can check the Automated Behavior section & you can control the post types & pages which should be optimized and the post types which shouldn’t be optimized 

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the contact us page. or visit site:
or You can also contact us at +91 9718729864 or can mail us at [email protected]

The Best PHP Frameworks from 2019 to 2021 to Make an Effective Website

The Best PHP Frameworks from 2019 to 2021 to Make an Effective Website

PHP framework is a platform of reusable software which is used for building websites and web applications. It is a library of code which enables developers to create web solutions of their choice. Developers are not required to rewrite the same code repeatedly for every page. The reasons why developers rely on existing proven PHP frameworks are as follows:

  • Reusable, maintainable code facilitates the speed of web development.
  • Framework-based web apps are highly scalable.
  • Guarantees a high level of security for the PHP site.
  • Model-View-Controller paradigm ensures separation of presentation and logic.

Top 5 best frameworks to use for Web Development

These are the top PHP frameworks that are considered ideal for web development projects:-

LARAVEL – It is a new PHP framework, but it is the most popular framework among the developers. It comes packed with features that enhance the web development process. It offers a huge ecosystem with an instant hosting and deployment platform. Laravel uses lightweight templating engine Blade that facilitates repetitive tasks such as authentication, queueing, RESTful routing, and caching.

ZEND – Featuring next on the list is Zend. The robust and stable PHP framework is packed with a range of features such as user-friendly drag and drop editor, cryptographic coding tools, a connected Database Wizard, and online debugging tools. There is myriad of configuration options that make it ideal for complex websites. Zend Framework 2 combined with agile methodology facilitates delivering high-quality apps to enterprise clients.

CAKE PHP – Another widely appreciated PHP framework is the decade old CakePHP. It is an open-source PHP framework which brings speed, security, and reliability in the web development process. The latest version CakePHP 3.6 comes with enhanced components and helpers, merged themes and plugins, better session management and performance. CakePHP 3 can prevent SQL injection, protect cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and prevent cross-site scripting (XSS). Enhanced session management and creation of standalone libraries are some of its advantages.

YII2 – Yii is one of the oldest PHP frameworks has come up with its latest version Yii2 to get the popularity boost. It uses the lazy loading technique for faster development. It is completely object oriented, allowing you to generate codes as you need. Due to its integration with AJAX and jQuery features, it is suitable for large scale website development.

CODEIGNITER – CodeIgniter is also a decade old framework written in PHP! This lightweight framework is a popular choice to create full-featured web apps. Its installation process is straightforward with minimal configuration requirements. CodeIgniter offers flexibility to developers and is able to work smoothly on all shared as well as dedicated hosting platforms. Upon downloading, you’ll see that its only 2MB that is why it is known as the lean framework. At the same time, it allows you to add third-party plugins for more complicated functionalities.

If you have any questions I will be pleased to hear from you in the contact us page or visit site:
or You can also contact us at +91 9718729864 or can mail us at [email protected]

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